Thank you!

It is with deep humility and gratitude that I accept the awesome responsibility of representing the 16th district in the 116th Congress.

In these divided times, my commitment is to be a voice for the enduring values that have inspired every generation of Americans since our founding days. It will be with an unyielding respect for the universal dignity and common humanity of every American that I will walk through any door to work on behalf of Northeast Ohio ā€” our families and our workers.

The United States is and will always be a beacon of hope for the world. The longing for the blessings of liberty and the opportunity it affords led my paternal grandparents to escape communist Cuba in search of a better life. It was with a commitment to protect and defend the American experiment that led my maternal grandfather to risk his own life on the shores of Italy during World War II. The values I learned from their tremendous examples and those of my parents will act as a constant source of inspiration as I seek to move our community forward. 

My promise will never be to be perfect, but to always be honest, accessible, and tireless, in working on behalf of the constituents who Iā€™m now honored to serve.

God Bless the State of Ohio, and God Bless the UNITED States of America.

Anthony Gonzalez